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The Opportunity

Smarter Click (now began as a small team of three friends in 2015. Now a team of over 30 working internationally. They are experts in optimising customer conversions on sales websites through personalised engagement tools. They support over 2,000 international brands, including: Hotel Chocolat, Boden, Sage and Carphone warehouse.

On the back of significant growth and increasing demand for digital talent, the company was looking at opportunities to use employee incentive plans to help attract and retain the best talent in the market.

As their advisers we were asked to help identify the most effective solution.

The Solution

We carefully worked through what the company wanted to achieve, and the realistic time frames involved. This allowed us to design an employee equity option scheme which aligned the objectives of the board and its shareholders, the journey the business was on and the existing and potential and existing employees.

We obtained an HMRC approved valuation and drafted the scheme documentation for an Employee Management Incentive (EMI) scheme which vested the options in the event of an exit.


The Outcome

A solution that works for the client. Rather than a time-based vest which has the potential for a tail of shareholders the scheme is clear and clean to operate. We have subsequently issued further rounds and the equity plan is a key part of the clients people proposition.

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