Dominic Anthony

Partner - Business Services

I enjoy working with interesting and successful people. My clients have challenges and opportunities I get to use my expertise and experience to help with, and I feel they appreciate the energy and engagement I give them. I get to work with a really talented team and portfolio of clients and every day I get to learn and push myself.

Dominic’s first job wasn’t quite what you might expect, nor did it last long! As a youngster he had a paper round – for a morning. He tried to deliver papers to the wrong street and quickly realised that a career in media and publishing wasn’t for him.

Dominic joined local accountancy firm Imray & Co from school, progressed to manager level and by 2005 was managing a 6 month ‘transition’ to start Ashcroft Anthony in 2006. The rest, as they say, is history. He says he learnt a lot during that time and Ashcroft in its current guise is where it should be.

As partner, Dominic has led the business services offering since inception. He’s an ideas man, and in his own words says he is a “jack of all trades master of none”. He has a good understanding of entrepreneurial clients, the challenges they face and gives pragmatic, risk balanced advice, primarily around growing and exiting their company. He’s an expert when it comes to details about our clients. But he can’t remember a thing his wife asks him to do because his head is full of random knowledge about our clients.

When it comes to life outside of work Dominic has good intentions but little time! Dominic is a keen but lapsed cyclist, an average skier, good snowboarder (don’t ask him to do tricks though!), handy in the kitchen, less so at DIY. His favourite thing is his dog, Teddy.

Partner at Ashcroft Partnership, thoughtleader

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