Angie Sleat

Partner - Family Office

I love the variety of our client base, the amazing technical knowledge of the people I work with, and the feeling that everyone is going the extra mile to deliver the best they can every day. I love the buzz I get after speaking to a client, having a good chat and then being able to give them practical advice on wide-ranging issues.

Angie is one of our partners and heads up the Family Office team. She has been working in accountancy since 1996, after qualifying as an AAT her early career was on a fast track, first becoming a partner in 2004. She joined the Ashcroft team in 2006 and with her keen eye for detail and all-round experience of tax, audit and expertise in Family Office clients and service she became a partner in 2010.

Angie has seen Ashcroft change and grow over the last 15+ years and says that things that remain constant are the quality of work, now and then we adhere to a mantra of “If you’re going to do a job, do it properly.”, we have mature relationships with our clients – we don’t hide anything from them and we will maximise our efforts on their behalf – there are no half measures at Ashcroft.

What brought her to Ashcroft and keep her here is working with people she respects and admires – saying that both Dom & Adrian have brilliant minds – and that every partner brings a unique strength to the table, and they fit together like a puzzle. Angie is big on maintaining the Ashcroft personality – however large we grow the values and qualities that make us different is the thing that brings employees and clients through our door.

Speaking of different or maybe just surprising – Angie was a bit of a metalhead in her younger days and used to ride a motorbike. She blames middle age and motherhood for “turning her soft”, and now chooses rock music over heavy metal, and driving her classic mini!

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