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Being Human

Being Human

An Insight into: A new role as HR business partner

As I write this and reflect on my first month at Ashcroft, I find myself ruminating on my 15 years in the various sectors and industries in which I have practised HR (Retail, NHS, Education, B2B and now Professional Services) and I realise that there are more similarities in my field than there are disparities.

After completing my law degree and Masters, I then commenced a career in HR whilst studying my C.I.P.D. level 7.  Without wishing to sound like a cliché I gravitated towards a career in HR because I love working with people.    I quickly realised early on in my career that happy, thriving people in the workplace is excellent business sense because by default employees become engaged and offer amazing client service.  The rewards this will provide the individual, the team, the organisation, and society are boundless.  For me it was a no brainer.  This is the key connection everywhere I have worked: happy, engaged employees means real, tangible deliverables

So, I hear you ask – what is the secret?  How will Ashcroft make everyone happy at work then?  I suggest three considerations (supported by copious research):

1) a strong organisational culture, which,

2) enables the individual to bring their whole self to work in a business that – on a continuous basis –

3) strives for great leadership.

Leadership not in the hierarchical sense of autocracy, but instead leading a team by enabling them, providing great development opportunity, and seamlessly showing respect and trust.  But trust is a mutual notion so arguably, self-leadership takes leadership a step further, and I believe that we are all leaders who can self-lead our career, our aspirations, our personal and professional growth, challenge ourselves, own our work, own the service we offer to others and most importantly ourselves. I challenge us to ask ourselves: ‘what is my intention with my leadership?’

This is one of the many reasons I joined Ashcroft – one of our core values is ‘own it’.  We are proud to own the careers we have and the work we do for our clients, and we are extremely proud to offer an outstanding client service.  I aim to do this for ‘my’ clients – Ashcroft employees – as I know that this in turn will lead to excellent service for our clients and develop great leaders of tomorrow. 

I strive to do this by handling myself with my head, but others with my heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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