Our Guide to R&D Tax Relief

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Written By Dominic Anthony

R&D Tax Relief demystified

Available since 2000, R&D tax relief has been steadily increasing over the last 20 years. But what is Research and Development tax relief? As R&D stimulates & fosters innovation, this tax relief seeks to incentivise such practice to benefit the UK economy through growth, pioneering and success of British business, which ultimately leads to job creation.

There are two different schemes for businesses looking to claim R&D tax relief: the SME scheme, and the Research & Development Expenditure Credit. Both are suited to different companies sizing and goals. With a lot of information for every company to take on board we have created a guide to help those that are looking to apply for Research and Development Tax Relief, providing a complete breakdown of the claiming process.

We walk through the process of applying for R&D tax relief from start to finish, including our financial experts’ guidance on whether this is suited to you and your company.

Find more in-depth information within our Research and Development Tax relief guide below – updated March 2023. Or get in touch with an expert member of the team to provide further assistance

Guide to R&D Tax Relief

Written by Dominic Anthony, Managing Partner and Head of Business Services

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