Richard Crane

Partner, Business Services

Always on the lookout for new ideas to help my clients’ businesses

Richard advises land / property-based businesses and the families who own them – as indeed Richard does himself. He has been a partner leading advisory teams in the industry for over 20 years.


I have always had a passion for farming,  managing land and business. I am fortunate to have always been part of a farming family. I obtained a first class degree in Agriculture from Edinburgh University and later became the partner leading Deloitte’s successful and widely regarded food and farming practice out of Cambridge combining deep business and tax understanding with long term relationship building. I am always on the look out for new ideas – and people – to help my clients’ – and my own – farming businesses and asset management.


My role is often built around overseeing the annual accounts and tax cycle – using that as a touch point for finding out what is happening in the business and meeting the owners/managers regularly as businesses, asset management, tax and family matters become more complex, faster changing and needing to make the best of the opportunities that are increasingly available. We often work closely with other advisers and at Ashcroft is that we pride ourselves on working well and symbiotically with other professionals.


I feel our contributions are greatest where we work with families and businesses over the long term – meeting regularly – increasingly quarterly,  shaping plans for the family and looking to drive the businesses and assets to grow the cake and/or reduce the tax take. There is nearly always an element of long term succession planning to work through and keep progressing over many years. I work closely with Adrian and our very able tax team to share ideas and resolve the more complex tax issues.

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