Lee Maughan

Director, Green & Purple


I love to see my clients progress and achieve their goals. I enjoy learning about new businesses and their operating models to create actionable financial information.


Portfolio CFO and adviser to entrepreneurs and their management teams. My clients are early stage or growth stage businesses looking for strategic support.

We combine this a virtual finance function delivered by an experienced, scalable team. I’m enthusiastic about the technology sector and the greater Cambridge region.


I lead a dynamic and skilled team to deliver quality financial information on a timely basis.

I’m proactive and am ‘in-house’ or part of the leadership team for many of my clients.

Green & Purple are Ashcroft’s “virtual CFO” resource who can save clients both time and money: Green & Purple have a number of experienced, qualified Accounts and Finance functional experts who are available at a moment’s notice to provide all aspects of a Finance Department’s service, with none of the usual overheads of an in-house team.

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