Fran Reid

Partner, Business Services

I enjoy reaping the mutual benefits of sharing knowledge and expertise


I love numbers and problem solving.

I get a kick out of getting to know my clients and working with them to help them in their businesses.

I enjoy working with my colleagues and reaping the mutual benefits of sharing knowledge and expertise with one another.


I am an auditor, accountant and business adviser.

I have over 30 years’ experience supporting owners of small and medium sized business across a variety of sectors.

At the heart of my wide-ranging technical expertise is a strong understanding of the accounting and audit issues which business owners face. My knowledge of tax also gives me a firm foundation for building relationships with my clients and giving them practical guidance to support their business ambitions.


I work with my clients and my team to ensure that we provide a quality and timely service for all clients, no matter what their needs may be. I look at the whole picture and engage with other professionals as necessary to provide a fully rounded service. My team are challenged each day to be enquiring and to care about what they do, which allows them to develop into not just accountants but as caring business advisors too.

Business Services

Advisers with energy, commitment and opinions

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