Ben Heneker

Director, Green & Purple


I enjoy providing useful insight and analysis into client’s financials and making sure the financials are relevant to them. I get enjoyment out of surprising people with new ways to integrate systems, automating the information and just letting them know it’s not all scary numbers.


A CFO / Finance Director to a variety of businesses and variety of sizes. No matter how big or small, there is a need and a purpose to good financial information, whether that is to a BOD or an owner managed business. Providing a full or part service tailored to the business needs and demands.


People are the key to every business and its about understanding what is important to the users, as well as the business. The first point of call is to streamline and automate processes. This usually entails using the latest tech and resources to improve reporting and the information available, thus freeing up time to actually use the numbers.

Green & Purple are Ashcroft’s “virtual CFO” resource who can save clients both time and money: Green & Purple have a number of experienced, qualified Accounts and Finance functional experts who are available at a moment’s notice to provide all aspects of a Finance Department’s service, with none of the usual overheads of an in-house team.

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