Angie Sleat

Partner, Family Office

I love going the extra mile to deliver the best every day

Angie looks after wealthy families with varied business and property interests. She has 24 years’ experience across a broad range of practice areas, from audit to trust tax.


I love the variety of our client base, the amazing technical knowledge of the people I work with, and the feeling that everyone is going the extra mile to deliver the best they can every day. I love the buzz I get after speaking to a client, having a good chat and then being able to give them practical advice on wide-ranging issues. I have the opportunity to make use of my broad-ranging experience every day, and our clients appreciate the quality of the service we give them rather than everything being about price.


Auditor, accountant and adviser to families and their interests. From start-up subsidiaries of international corporates to family trusts, no two clients are the same but applying accounting and auditing principles to a variety of entities is my ‘bread and butter’. In addition to overseeing their compliance needs, I provide business and tax advice, and for family office clients I ensure we are able to solve all manner of day-to-day challenges to contribute to the smooth management of their affairs.


I channel my common sense and practical approach to problem-solving, and maintain a high level of technical accounting and audit expertise to deliver the best service to my varied client base. I work closely with my team to ensure a coherent and effective approach to every piece of work we deliver. I aim to make myself available at short notice to both clients and colleagues so I rarely miss an opportunity to answer a call for help.

Private Client

Expert advice and lasting relationships

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