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Our expertise, your strategic difference

We have been working with entrepreneurs and business in Tech and Digital space for years. It literally comes with the territory! It is a sector that plays to our strengths and peaks our personal interest.

Our work is varied and often complex, which means we have seen and heard it all and have an in depth understanding of your challenges and goals. As an entrepreneurial technology and digital business your objectives are likely to be:

  • A speedy and solid growth plan
  • Implementing staff incentive plans
  • Maximising your equity, debt funding as well as grants and tax efficiencies.
  • A strategic and advantageous exit plan.


Our partner led team in Business Services is highly skilled and our advisory and tax accounting expertise includes SEIS, EIS, the R&D tax credit scheme and EMI share option schemes. Our clients have included businesses in many sectors including both software and hardware.

We recognise that this landscape is ever changing, and we regularly see new and emerging risks and issues, keeping our advice up to date and relevant. Our unique proposition, which focusses on the developing a real relationship and understanding your personal and business goals, means we offer our opinion as to the best way to help deliver those goals and ultimately deliver the most desirable outcome. Whilst we may start with a discreet project, the value we offer is through going on the journey together.

Our recent Tech and Digital projects

Smarter Click Tech

On the back of significant growth and increasing demand for digital talent, the company was looking at opportunities to use employee incentive plans to help attract and retain the best talent in the market. As their advisers we were asked to help identify the most effective solution

Just Digital

Just Digital is one of the largest full service print and marketing companies in the UK. The founder of Just Digital was seeking to realise part of his investment and so derisk himself, whilst also positioning the business for further growth and facilitating his eventual succession and exit.

Chip and Pin Solutions

The company had rapidly grown its market share over recent years. Following a number of approaches from potential buyers, the shareholders agreed to explore options to realise value. As part of this process the company was required to have its most recent accounts audited.


In a competitive market, the Company needed to raise growth capital or join forces with a larger player to secure its position at the forefront of the market. We negotiated a deal which will help strengthen global relationships with key customers and enable cr360 to expand into new markets.

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