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Whether we are optimising a portfolio, a sale or inheritance planning, our property accountant specialists help landowners, property developers and professional investors maximise value with our understanding of the ever-changing tax regulations in the UK. The rules are complex, but our property accountants will assist clients in making the right decisions.

Property remains an attractive option for business owners and is often part of a successful businesses journey. We help business owners understand the opportunities for this asset class and how to efficiently structure transactions.

Property ownership is affected by different taxes (VAT, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and others) and we take a holistic view working to create structures that take into consideration and minimise property tax overall.

We are used to working closely and openly with other professional advisors (solicitors, agents, and others). Our team ensure that tax advice on property matters is given in the light of other commercial considerations and that the tax aspects of the transaction are integrated into the overall strategy.

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