Farming & Agri

There are different ways to harvest a crop

We don’t just have accountants in our team, we actually have farm and landowners too. Which means we have a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges that this sector faces.

Farmers, landowners and agricultural businesses have different areas of concern requiring different solutions:

  • Specific government legislation
  • Challenging and changing economy
  • Separate Agri policy’s such as Agri Property Relief
  • Grants
  • Weather!


Our specialism is in large and complex and estates, aiding in a range of services including Farm and Agriculture tax relief, support and advise. Farming never fits a neat mould but over our 25 years of experience we have seen and heard many, if not all scenarios.

Whether it’s a personal client service you are looking for, or for a view on your Agri Businesses the Ashcroft team have the right skills to provide top Agri business solutions, and work in a holistic manner to provide you with the very best in service and consultancy.

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