Trust & Estate Planning – Inheritance Tax (IHT)

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When planning a legacy there are two aspects that tend to be of particular importance to our clients. The first is that clients want to ensure that the right people inherit wealth in accordance with their wishes and the second is to minimise the amount lost to inheritance tax. To achieve this, we take the time to really listen and understand our clients’ objectives and unique circumstances. It’s only then that we can work to help meet those objectives.

At Ashcroft we have extensive experience in assisting clients navigate complex family issues, helping them to plan their estates, including trust and estate returns, and reduce the overall exposure to IHT. This includes working closely with clients on succession planning, protecting, and directing family wealth and assets, funding school fees, ensuring tax efficient share sales, transitioning family businesses to the next generation and tax efficient gifting.

Despite recent tax changes, trusts still offer families an effective means of passing wealth down the generations and an alternative to making an outright gift. UK trusts can provide protection from errant relationships, family disputes, bankruptcy, “challenging” beneficiaries and so on. For many families, Trusts remain an intrinsic part of an overall tax planning strategy and we advise on all aspects of setting up, administering and the winding up of trusts.

We have considerable experience and knowledge of utilising trusts in succession estate planning, to meet family objectives and to minimise exposure to IHT. We have a team of qualified trust professionals, including members of the Society for Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) and we have excellent relations with lawyers, investment managers, trust companies and other private wealth advisors.

Wider estate planning solution services include:

  • Advising on trust deeds, resolutions, and the tax efficiency of Wills.
  • Personal and Family investment companies.
  • Detailed advice on availability of inheritance tax reliefs, particularly the availability of BPR planning for companies and advise on maximising BPR.
  • Working with farms and large estates to maximise the availability of BPR and APR.
  • Inheritance tax and capital gains tax planning advice.
  • Gifting during lifetime.
  • Will planning.

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