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Philanthropy is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and is of growing importance to individuals and families who have the means and wish to provide support and a lasting family legacy to causes that are dear to them.

A charitable trust can be suitable where you wish to give regularly to a number of causes, if you want to give a lump sum as a one-off gift from time to time, or if you want to ask others to contribute to the trust’s funds. Setting up your own Charitable Trusts can provide a framework for planning your charitable giving in a systematic and thoughtful way.

Considering the tax on a Charitable activity there are tax advantages in contributing to a Charitable Trust to help clients make tax efficient contributions in the form of cash or assets and that can form part of a holistic private wealth management and IHT strategy.

A Charitable Trust in the UK can also double as an educational tool for families, with clients increasingly providing younger adult children a role in the management of the trust, providing them with exposure to financial management and investment decisions, researching and presenting to trustees, and more generally working with trustees and other professional advisors.

This is an area that we’re passionate about and we really enjoy helping clients realise their philanthropic ambitions.

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