Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Planning

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Capital gains tax (CGT) planning can apply whether selling a single asset, a property portfolio or shares in a multimillion-pound family business. There are a host of valuable reliefs available to mitigate your exposure to capital gains tax, thereby maximising your returns.

Many of our clients have ‘entrepreneurial flair’ and are already aware of the importance of Business Asset Disposal Relief (BADR) in maximising value, when it comes their business or business assets, but in order to maximise tax relief, it is smart to plan ahead. Our Cambridge based Capital Gains tax team have considerable experience working with clients to establish if they can benefit from BADR and helping them to maximise it.

If you’re thinking about a large financial transaction, you’ll naturally have commercial considerations at the front of your mind. However, experience shows that capital gains tax planning and strategies (especially so with complicated land sales) are often considered too late in a transaction process, resulting in missed opportunities. When you work with us, you’ll receive tax advice when a transaction is first being considered. Our advice will complement your commercial objectives, helping you develop and implement an effective plan to minimise the impact of CGT.

When planning your Capital Gains tax strategies, there are many other taxes to consider and the way these taxes interact can create both opportunities and risks. We can help consider the impact of other taxes, such as inheritance tax and wealth protection to ensure that that reducing a liability with one hand doesn’t generate a problem with the other, helping you grasp the opportunities and mitigate the risks.

Of course, there is much more to CGT advice beyond its impact on your business. We provide our clients with solutions for minimising tax on acquisitions and disposals; family succession and the interaction with Capital Gains Tax, deferring CGT on gifts and business assets, maximising tax reliefs where reinvesting in approved investments such as EIS and SEIS, utilising capital losses, and much, much more.


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