Transaction Services

End-to-end deal support solution, tailored to you.

You may be looking to prepare your business for fundraising, investment, or potential sale. Our wraparound transaction support covers pre-transaction, due diligence and post-transaction services. This gives our clients an on-hand expert to guide, advise and offer professional opinions, at every step of their journey.

Our team have a comprehensive range of due diligence and transaction support related services such as financial and tax due diligence, vendor due diligence and vendor assistance. The team also offers other specialist areas of deal support such as transaction readiness services in the form of pre-due diligence advisory, as well as post-due diligence and integration services, which involves post deal planning and restructuring, transaction accounting and financial integration advisory.

Our deep understanding and varied experience across Corporate Finance and Business Services means we understand the differing requirements and needs of our clients. Based on your priorities and specific objectives, our pre and post transaction solution is uniquely tailorable and focus driven.

During the pre-transaction phase, we start off by taking the time to understand you, your business, the industry it operates in and your strategic objectives. Our aim is to partner with you to turn risk and uncertainty into future growth and value potential. Leading up to a potential fundraising, proposal for investment or anticipation of a sale, we partner with you and your management team to perform a robust assessment of value divers, highlight and develop sustainability of earnings forecasts and improve the structure and format of financial reporting.

You will require an independent advisor with a robust and complete set of procedures and processes, to review the overall readiness of the business for fundraising, investment or potential sale. We draw on our financial, commercial and strategic experience to challenge existing processes and advise on key value driving improvements to be made.

During this process we can also perform ‘soft’ due diligence exercises to ensure the business is ready to complete a full due diligence engagement and respond to risks, exposures and challenges potentially highlightable by the lender, investor and/or buyer. This prepares potential vendors for the anticipated challenges and rigours of a sale or investment process by identifying early risks that could cause the deal to stall or fall through. Mitigating risks early in the process is a factor likely to enhance value multiples or the success of the overall investment or fundraising outcome.

As part of your fundraising, you will be subject to a due diligence process and we support you and your business in preparing for this.

If you and your business require funds but don’t know where to start, or need assistance in making the right connections, our Corporate Finance Team have specific expertise in negotiating funding for businesses.

The completion and integration of a transaction is often the most critical and complex to navigate, as it involves bringing people, systems and processes together at the same time to harness the value created by the acquisition. To ensure value is sustained over the long term, we partner with management to identify issues at the outset and develop strategic solutions to implement them with stability and precision.

Following the completion of a transaction, there are a number of ‘day 1’ considerations to be made, including the planned implementation of financial and operational decisions, to ensure the acquisition meets its strategic objectives and is a success. We offer a muti-disciplined offering and approach to post transaction support, delivering an end-to-end solution to the completion and integration of a sale.

We provide support to management and financial teams, to execute on post-deal planning and restructuring activities and advisory on the integration of financial systems, functions and processes.

Through the due diligence process, there may have also been a number of non-compliance issues and other historic issues identified, which is the buyer’s responsibility to rectify. Our Business Services team, highly skilled in accounting and tax compliance, is able to support finance teams with the necessary communication and rectification with the relevant compliance authority.

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