Selling a Business

This could get complicated, we'll smooth the way

Selling your business is a major, life changing and often emotional event, and for most people will be a singular event (although some of our clients have come back to us for a second, or even third, business sale). No matter the number of sales you may have gone through, you absolutely need to get it right. It can’t be undone.

We assist through the entire journey – from the initial question: how much is my business worth? Through to the final sale. Our objective is to deliver full value and certainty of result for the stakeholders. This means maximising the consideration you receive upfront, obtaining comfort that the transaction will go ahead on the terms agreed and identifying a new owner who shares some of the same values and culture as your own. The softer issues are important too: confidentiality, what the future will hold for your staff and the business, and what role you would like to play, if any.

When selling a business, our work starts well in advance of a transaction, and we often work with clients for many months or even years preparing for a sale. We advise on the entire journey of how to sell your company, from the current value of your business, how to increase value further as well as reviewing the tax involved in selling your business, and the most likely exit routes: a sale to a corporate buyer, private equity, a management buyout, or a sale to an Employee-Owned Trust. A pre-sale health check can highlight potential weaknesses or issues and enable them to be remedied before a process gets underway.

You might be thinking, how much is my business worth? Value is increased by highlighting the key strengths of the business and presenting them in the best possible light. We work with you to identify the right strategic buyer for the business, who will pay a premium price. We will design a bespoke process that generates competitive tension, whilst maintaining confidentiality and minimising the disruption to your business. We’ve been doing these things for over 25 years and have concluded deals with buyers from across the world, as well as numerous private equity firms and UK trade buyers.

Timing is crucial. We will help you decide on the best time to go to market and only go to market when the time is right for you and your business. Our sole focus is on delivering the best deal as you sell your business, for you at the right time. With honest and clear advice. That’s different.

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