It’s all about building a relationship and service that suits you.

We call it ‘cast iron compliance’. The bread and butter of what we do. All businesses need some form of reporting, be that regular financial information, year-end accounts or specialist audit and assurance services. We’re Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors and we use technology and expertise to deliver these services efficiently and with insight.

Our clients range from early-stage growth businesses through to multi-million corporates. We act for many high growth businesses with institutional investment as well as many subsidiaries of overseas parents and understand the reporting issues they all face.

We don’t do everything, such as listed entities. If we don’t have the expertise you need, we’ll tell you and recommend you to experts we know well.

Your business may require an audit for a variety of reasons.

Whatever the reason we have a dedicated and experienced team to help. Our service is about making the process as painless as possible while adding value.

Audits can be disruptive and time consuming for clients. We work with our clients to plan the approach, minimise disruption through technology and most importantly, plan to finish through clear timelines and deliverables.

We use our experience of working with similar businesses and take a deep dive into your business to ensure that audits are relevant and will add value. We will review your systems and controls, your susceptibility to fraud, identify and highlight both strengths and weaknesses to you.

Our audit solutions include small or large business tax audits. We also understand that your business may not require a full audit but rather a service that provides a comfort to your key stakeholders, in this case an assurance review may be for you.

An assurance review is a voluntary review which is less formal than an audit.

We will make enquiries of management and other key employees. And carry out analytical procedures to allow us to understand the whole picture. We review your accounts and investigate any areas of concern. This will include analytical procedures, looking at changes from one year to the next and carry out further tests if something comes up in the review that catches our attention.

We will then prepare a report to be attached to your financial statements.

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