Family Office

Technical expertise and emotional intelligence

“We never lose sight of the fact that we act for individuals, in some cases for four generations or more. The most important part of our work is ensuring that created or inherited wealth is maintained and passed on as effectively and efficiently as possible.“  Adrian Wilson, Partner.

Families can be complex, especially where wealth is involved. Our Family Office approaches these challenges with integrity and empathy. We are dedicated to providing a  service  that  meets  your  family’s  specific needs  and   concerns.

Our Family Office is a team of specialists who are as adept with people as we  are with  numbers. We are experienced professionals who are interested in the world, committed to bringing something new to the table and working together to explore new opportunities and to change things for the better.  We pride ourselves on blending technical expertise with emotional intelligence.

We’re experts in advising on both wealth creation and wealth preservation. We deal with complex affairs, seeking to understand what really matters and find out what’s really at stake, while building confidence and trust. We take the time to know and understand your family’s purpose and evaluate how best to achieve your aims and ambitions.

We combine challenging thinking, breadth of vision and an uncommon affinity with our clients to make supporting their long-term aims second nature. As strategists with opinions and ideas, we aim to be your trusted adviser as much as your accountant. 


Our skills and experience help us understand and make sense of complex situations. We’re also passionate about leveraging  multi-disciplinary knowledge that lets us see the whole picture and base our advice on it. By appreciating that each family and business has its own story and its own aspirations, we make sure that you get a service truly unique to you.

It speaks volumes that many of our relationships stretch back decades or even generations, and that most new work comes to us through word of mouth. We enjoy the relationships we have with our clients; we take the time to understand people and nurture the relationships we have, often forming close bonds.

It’s essential to us that we take the time to get to know you. But, while knowledge is important, so is chemistry. We invest in relationships to develop chemistry and trust. It’s an approach that benefits us and our clients alike: everyone is more motivated, more open, gets more from the work and enjoys it more. Integrity, openness and accessibility are central to the way we operate.

In making our support as comprehensive as possible, our Family Office also enjoys strong, wide-ranging connections with other professionals. We understand that it is often about who you know when it comes to delivering the best outcomes. The number and quality of our long-standing relationships is testament to that . Many families trust us to act as gatekeepers who co-ordinate their other professional advisers.

Services I areas of specialism

We work with families, developing long-term plans to create and preserve wealth between generations, including realising value from land and property.

We take pride in offering opinions rather than sitting on the fence – because clients need our advice.

The team

Our team is available whenever you need them, be it a call, a meeting or lunch. Accessibility extends to language too, which means plain English, not jargon.

As senior members of our Family Office team, Adrian and Angie will ensure we provide high standards of support to you and your family.

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