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For Ashcroft, CSR is about acting to safeguard our profitability to preserve, protect and provide for people, and the planet. 

Being responsible is conducting our business activity with the aim to have a positive impact on the world around us. To ensure our employees, shareholders, clients, and community know we are an honourable, accountable, and caring business who go above and beyond to ensure our legal and ethical requirements are met. 


As a business, Ashcroft is passionate about supporting the local communities our employees live in and the firm practices in. We:

  • Find and grow local talent, as we value facetime and team culture that you have in office-based roles.
  • Sponsor local teams and causes
  • Have an employee matching scheme.
  • Have an individual volunteer day programme as part of our Volunteering Policy.
  • Conduct pro bono work. We conduct annual tax and accounts for friends of Ashcroft. Recent work including OUTbio and Trumpington Residential Association.


There is a minimum standard of ‘giving’ written onto our employee benefits and working practice so that we maintain a level of Corporate Social Responsibility we are proud of.


Within our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we believe that it is important to commit to reducing the environmental impact your business may have. If you can, you should! We already do a variety of things over and above the standard to minimise our impact including monitor water and waste reduction, re-using and recycling what we can, responsible Energy monitoring in a variety of ways, and encouraging greener transport and working practices..

Carbon Neutrality

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability is such that Ashcroft have engaged Positive Planet. They will work with us over the next few years to measure Ashcroft’s carbon footprint, devise a plan to reduce that further and help offset any carbon usage so Ashcroft can become a Carbon Neutral business by 2027. 


We’re striving to make that difference!

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