About Us

Journey towards different

In 2006, two of our partners formed the company Ashcroft Anthony and started our journey towards who we are today: a boutique Cambridge-based accountancy firm made up of expert chartered accountants, offering services to entrepreneurial businesses, private and complex family clients.

In 2015, a brief merger with larger city accountants BKL made us realise what we were truly about: our people, our clients and our community. So, in 2019, we took the decision to demerge, and in January 2020 Ashcroft Partnership LLP was created – one of the top chartered accountancy firms in Cambridge. Since then, it has been our clear vision to remain the most sought-after independent advisory partner for entrepreneurs and families, and a leading employer for passionate, talented professionals in the East of England.

Of course, our staff and clients came with us, and we have amassed more talented accountants and advisors along the way. Our mission is to be different in:

  • How we implement and share our expertise, experience, and excellence in everything we do.
  • Our approach to forming long-lasting relationships.
  • Creating unique and meaningful contributions towards the prosperity of our clients, partners, and our team.

As a leading accounting firm in Cambridge, we are proud of the relationships we have built with hundreds of successful clients. For some of our clients, our accountants have been a part of their growth story for decades and, in some cases, generations. We set the highest possible professional accounting standards and maintain an informal but challenging environment.

All of our clients receive a committed and dynamic team. We will help you achieve or surpass your goals. We’ll share our knowledge in an engaging and energetic way, giving you honest, straightforward advice and strong opinions when needed.

Our expertise

We don’t do everything within our independent Cambridge-based firm; we choose to work in the areas that we excel in, where we can add real value to our clients.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Accounting and tax services – find yourself a Cambridge tax accountant with a bespoke approach.
  • Auditing – with the highest of diligence.
  • Consultancy and advice – with an expert opinion from our accountants
  • Corporate Transactions – with honesty and integrity.
  • Private accounts and family office – with a holistic view.

We deliver our service with an approach that is underpinned by the values Ashcroft and the whole team believe in.

Our values

Everyones journey at Ashcroft is different.

Our holistic approach to client service alongside our values and high standards are embedded in our actions and are the foundation of our culture and brand; it’s these values that really make us different.


  • We are different in the way we engage with our clients and other advisors/partners, working openly, giving honest opinions and plainspoken, expert advice. 
  • We know that one person can make an impact – we listen and value the individual, celebrating and respecting that originality makes us unique.
  • We will tailor your Ashcroft journey to be your own and ensure you grow your own strengths and thrive the way you want to. 

Own it

  • We take responsibility for our own path, acting with determination and tenacity. 
  • We own what is expected of us, showing resilience, and delivering on promises. 
  • We are honest about our own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, we are all different and we complement each other working as a team.
  • We learn from our mistakes and evolve when we see change is needed. 


  • We think creatively and continually push ourselves to be innovative and different in our approach.
  • We challenge ourselves to be better. No half measures: if we don’t put in our best effort, it shows. 
  • We offer expert advice, delivered in the most professional manner with appreciative clients.
  • We build quality, lasting relationships that strengthen our own credibility and widen our community.



  • We believe that working hard shouldn’t be hard work; if it’s not enjoyable, we should look at approaching it differently.
  • We strive to inject a bit of passion and humour into the day-to-day. 
  • We enjoy collaborating over work and socialising with our clients, our partners, and our colleagues. 
  • We have an enthusiasm for our clients’ success and enjoy working to achieve it.


What they say

Latest news

We like to celebrate our employees’ achievements and occasionally shout about some of the work we do. Here’s where you can find out more about what we’ve been up to.